The Power Of A Question

How is it that a question has so much power over our thinking?

Throughout scripture we see profound effects of cutting inquiries. In Genesis 3:1, God asks Adam “Where are you?”, then to Eve He asks, “What have you done?”. Of course God knew the answers to the questions that He asked the first man and woman, but still yet He came to confront their sin not with a lecture, but with an interrogative. The first sins that would lead to every murder, every crime, and every death was confronted first with a question. Why was this???

Unlike a lecture or a statement, a question is less likely to be brushed away. It takes seed in the heart of man. It follows him home and revisits time and again pleading for an answer. It provokes the mind of man to search. Adam and Eve could have met God’s questions with simple honest answers, such as, “I am lost”, and “I have sinned”, yet they were not willing to let the conviction do its rightful work.

In order to properly understand the scriptures, we should see the significance of a well formed question. God’s men of old daily debated in the temples and sharpened their minds through much debating and questioning.  As you read through your Bible, be sure to note the questions of scripture.  Take time to see where they were asked , who asked them, and when they were asked. Also mark what the outcome was.

Questions are tools in the hand of the soul winner. Many present Jews are skilled interrogators. Asking well means first listening well. The art of asking a question at the right time and in the right way is priceless.  God ordained this method for His people, and we should not shy away from the practice of asking a good question.  Our enemy is well at work with this tactic as from the beginning he has tried to have man question every act of God.  Let’s take time this week to pray over our communication with others and allow God to teach us how to ask a good question.

The flourishing faith knows how and when to ask a good question.