Isn’t it amazing that the Bible is the best selling book of all time yet the least read and studied book?  I have seen the personal struggle in the hearts of sincere readers.  Some have a curiosity with the Bible and begin to read it only to get lost in the search.  Has that ever been you friend?  Have you started the journey through the Bible only to get lost in the genealogies or strange cultural readings of another time or another dialect?  My prayer is that through this blog you can join me in a journey through the Bible with a better idea of the ancient culture and customs.  It is going to be exciting, so commit now to join our journey of study and questions as we learn to flourish in our study of God’s words.


7 thoughts on “Introductions

  1. Wow you are such a blessing! I am so thankful for your heart. I cant get enough of what God has showed you. Your wisdom is a blessing. You help inspire my desire to learn more and more about our God you show hope and understanding! Thanks for your service may God continue to use you !!!


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